In this repository you will find all relevant material for the THREE C Continuous Professional Development course. We have put together videos, texts and other material worth knowing and would like to make them available here.

The material will be published in the order of the course sessions. Approx. 2 weeks before each session, the relevant material will be made available so that you can get an idea of the course content in advance. The material also serves for the subsequent consolidation and is intended to support the development of products and services.

Link to the "Mahara" Networking and Collaboration Platform for Group work

To get an overview on the Circular Carbon Economy you can watch this video from the predecessor project RE-DIRECt:



This course is designed to improve your own competences regarding COL&V. It is divided into 4 learning units with different focuses, which can be worked through individually. Below, you can find a process recommendation but it is not mandatory to follow the guideline. 

This module introduces the steps of the design thinking process, explains them and provides a number of methods and tools which can be applied to facilitate each step.

In this section you will find accompanying material on the topic "biochar". The material is meant for self study and can support you in developing your own product or service.